A thread on the archetypal energy of Persephone. Her power. Her feared reputation. Her ultimate unyielding love.
To trust in a different way?
And a pep talk on following taboo desire.🫦

February 2023

Introducing 6 newly certified ReBloom Coaches!!
February 8, 2023 I want to rip my tits off. You know, before all this – this occupation of my body by a moist, hot, growing blob – I HAD PERFECT TITS…
Did you know you can be more loved for being more you? It's true!
NSFW story inside.
Let’s drown in the sound of truth, and begin.🌀

January 2023

(This is a bad idea🔥.)
…on those mornings when the sky's still panther black.🌌
T-minus 4 months til our baby cackles their way through my p*ssy.🐣
When a sacred pivot is calling your name. <3