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Ep 1: How to Eliminate Creative Constipation

Ep 1: How to Eliminate Creative Constipation

Tune into my FIRST PODCAST EPISODE (!!) & unleash the power of your World-Changing Witch.

What is UP, beloveds!

I’m not here to preach some new year, new you mumbo jumbo. It’s winter, and very well possible that all you wanna do is let yourself rest amidst the darkest days of the year. I’m into it. I’ve been sleeping in ‘til 10am.

And ALSO, I personally love using the first week or so of the year to do something immersive — be it learning, embodied or creative — that’s just for me.

And this year, as my fiancé dove into a week-long book-writing immersion, I felt called to do something I’ve been wanting to do for years.

Finally start a podcast.

And guess what?

It’s Thursday, Day 4 of my Podcast Immersion Week.

On Day 1 I had nothing. Not even a plan.

(Okay, that’s not true. I had a mental catalogue of the tens of notebooks I’ve filled over the years, all with endless ideas, dreams and visions for a podcast. As well as a creeping feeling that I was a creative fraud and would simply never fulfill on my desire.)

Today, I present to you my first-ever official podcast episode.


How did I get from Monday (feeling like a constipated creative fraud), to Thursday (emailing my first podcast to my whole list)?!?!

All my secrets are revealed, in the episode above!

If you have a creative, business or adventurous dream that you’ve been saying for years you want to do, but haven’t done, this episode is for you.

If you have fantasies about your not-yet-created book/podcast/album/business having a significant impact, being wildly praised, or making you semi-famous, tune in.

If you compare yourself to your idols, and then don’t make your art because you don’t think you’re good enough, I get it. Same. I made this very first episode for you and me both.

If you get stuck in the details — how good the branding looks, how nice the mic quality sounds, how to piece it all together until it’s so incredibly perfect that EVERYONE WILL LOVE IT AND YOU WILL BE SAFE FOREVERMORE… may the stories and tips in this podcast episode liberate you into something even better than safety: the soul satisfaction of making and sharing your art.

Because here’s the thing:

Life is unpredictable, and no one knows how much time they really have here. Fame is scarce, and we likely won’t reach it. Your idols also started scared, intimidated and feeling not exactly good enough.

And no one cares about the perfect details.

People — the people you dream of impacting with your creation — care about your essence.

They care about your whole holy point, which will come through your art whether you have the perfect mic, the perfect edits, the perfect photos, or not.

If you’re itching to birth the creation of your dreams, but get stopped by a zillion silly little things… tune in.

I’m giving you the gift of my creative imperfection —

— to help you feel brave enough to give yours, too.

I love you.

Happy New Year.



PS!!! – I talk all about this on this first podcast episode, but hey! Did you notice I’m using a new platform? It’s called Substack and it actually solved my creative podcast constipation. If you’ve specifically been putting off starting a podcast, tune into the episode to hear the ever-so-liberating Substack hack.

PPS – Also notice how my Substack page isn’t finished being set up, but I’ve sent it to you, anyway? The Muse doesn’t care about things feeling finished. She cares about inspired action.

Final PS – This podcast will be available on iTunes in like a day… again, notice how I didn’t wait until everything was everywhere? And I just pressed SEND??? Anything’s possible. Let yourself free.

LAST PS – Shout out to Angela Lauria, QUEEN of all things getting your magic out there fast & fabulous.

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